Why Dental Implants are more than Just Vanity

The notion of dental implants is most likely one that makes you think of someone who is looking for a more beautiful, healthy smile. People who are considering dental implants have probably found that they are in need of something more than veneers, dentures, bridges, or braces.

Dental implants (which have been around since the Mayan civilization, a mere 1,350 years ago) are usually made out of titanium and are inserted into the jawbone, where natural roots should be. These implants will bond with the jawbone (this usually takes about two to four months) and become the setting for an artificial tooth, or set of teeth. During this time when the implants fuse with the bone, known as Osseointegration, the patient will be able to wear dentures.

After the normal 8-12 week healing period, the doctor will be able to place the artificial teeth onto the implants. In some instances, tooth restoration can be placed the same day as the implant surgery, known as “immediate loading.”

The doctors at Denver Metro OMS, will perform the initial grafting, tooth extraction, and implant surgery, but your regular dentist will complete the process by fitting your new teeth and setting them permanently. As for anesthesia, patients can either select local anesthesia with or without intravenous sedation.

If you are considering dental implants, try to take some proactive steps even before being approved for surgery. Smoking greatly increases your chances of rejection for surgery or failure of the implants (after many years of use). Great oral hygiene is crucial to the success rate of your implants. If you stick with a daily habit of brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day, using a disinfectant mouthwash (such as Listerine), visiting your dentist regularly, and avoiding smoking and an excess of sugary foods, your implants can last a lifetime. Now who doesn’t want that?

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